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Splunk Enterprise Adoption Agreement

All terms and conditions that have been agreed between you and the authorized dealer and which apply in addition to these Terms of Sale are exclusively between you and the authorized dealer. No agreement between you and a licensed dealer engages Splunk or has any force or effect regarding the rights of the offers, their exploitation, their use or their availability. “Capacity” refers to the measurement of the use of an offer (for example. B aggregated daily volume of indexed data, specific source rights, number of search and computing units, number of monitored accounts, virtual processors, user seats, application case, storage capacity, etc.) purchased for an offer, as shown in the corresponding order. You`ll find the capabilities of each of our offerings here: www.splunk.com/en_us/legal/licensed-capacity.html. I hope this will help you understand how you can grow up with Splunk with a licensing model that grows with you. For more information, visit the Splunk Awards page. If you have any further questions, write a line to sales@splunk.com and we will help you. “Assistance programs” are the support programs offered by Splunk and identified here: www.splunk.com/en_us/support-and-services/support-programs.html “Splunkbase” is called Splunks Online Directory or platform for extensions, currently on splunkbase.splunk.com and all successors, replacement, new versions, derivatives, updates and updates and any other similar platform is owned and/or controlled by Splunk. Media ContactSplunk Inc.Jacinda Mein, 415-266-3990Jacinda@splunk.comorInvestor ContactSplunk Inc.Ken Tinsley, 415-848-8476ktinsley@splunk.com Splunk Inc. (NASDAQ: SPLK) makes machine data responses. Companies are using the market-leading Splunk solutions with machine learning to solve their most challenging IT, internet, internet, security and security challenges. Join millions of passionate users and discover your “aha” moment with Splunk today: www.splunk.com “documentation” means online user manuals, documentation and support and training materials that are published on Splunk`s website (for example.

B for docs.splunk.com/Documentation) or are available on how Splunk can be updated from time to time. “Purchased offers” refers to the services, subscriptions and licenses of offers that you have purchased directly or through a licensed reseller under orders. Configuration and implementation services have general conditions in Splunk: most clients start with a particular application case – such as infrastructure monitoring or security investigation – and expand over time, because more teams and groups see Splunk`s value first-hand. But how do you manage if you only have a budget for this first application case? How can tires be experienced and pedaled on other use cases? While the answers certainly exist, they are not always easy to find. And it`s up to us — we could do a much better job so that people know what price programs we have (that`s it, marketing type!). In that sense, here are some answers to the most common price questions you might have. “intellectual property rights,” all intellectual property rights worldwide, including copyright and other copyrights to copyrights; rights to trademarks, trade names and other appellations of origin or origin; rights to trade secrets and confidential information; Patents and patent applications.