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Sba Agent Fee Agreement

c) Any lender must enter into a written agreement with any lender for which it operates in that capacity. The SBA will review all of these agreements. It is not necessary for these agreements to include all the provisions contained in the form of agreement proposed by the SBA. However, any agreement must indicate that both parties agree not to allocate premiums on the secondary market, that the services to be provided are accurately described and that, moreover, the agreement complies with the requirements of the SBA. Subject to the prohibition of the demerger of premiums, lenders have a reasonable discretion to determine the compensation granted to lenders. However, such compensation cannot be charged to a claimant or borrower. (a) Any applicant, agent or parcel agent must execute a compensation contract and provide the SBA, and each lender service provider must execute a contract through a lender service provider and make it available to the SBA. Any agreement regulates compensation for services provided or provided to the applicant or lender for all matters related to SBA assistance. SBA offers the form of a compensation agreement and a proposed form of agreement from the lender service provider, which will be used by agents. (1) For loans up to USD 500,000 included: 3.5% maximum of the loan amount or 10,000 USD, depending on the case; (b) the total compensation that an agent or agency must charge an applicant for services related to obtaining a loan guaranteed by the SBA must be appropriate. In cases where an agent or agent charges an applicant a fee higher than that charged in this section, the agent (s) must reduce the fee and reimburse the applicant for any amount greater than that authorized by SBA. SBA believes that the following amounts are reasonable for the total compensation that an applicant may charge by one or more agents.