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Pnc Commercial Card Agreement

RIT has entered into a contract with PNC Bank to provide corporate travel cards to university staff. All regular EMPLOYEEs of RIT and NTID, who expect $500 in RIT-approved business or hospitality fees per year, can apply for a corporate travel card. The PNC Corporate Travel Card offers employees a convenient way to pay for business travel and hospitality. The use of a business card has many advantages: the company`s travel card is “individual payment” – the employee (cardholder) is responsible for transferring direct payment of all expenses related to commercial travel and/or hospitality directly to the bank. Staff can ask the university to reimburse authorized business expenses. While the card is issued on behalf of the employee, it can only be used to finance business expenses, including only hotels, transportation services, including car rentals and airport parking, meals and supplies needed during the trip and hospitality. The corporate travel card is not for personal use. Please plan ahead to make sure you have your card in hand before you leave on your business trip.