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Aerial Application

Cost Effective

Speed of application far outmatches tractors and four wheel motorbikes; Accuracy of helicopter spraying; No time and stress on farmer, professionally managed operation

Excellent results are attained on potatoes, wheat, maize, vineyards, vegetables etc. Any agricultural crop can be sprayed with helicopters. Common volume utilized due to the registration of agro-chemicals is 30 litres per hectare. Dependent on the size and shape of the field 50ha to 100 ha are sprayed per hour.

South African Civil Aviation Authority

All of our pilots are commercial helicopter pilots with agricultural spray ratings. They are also rated on all of the helicopters we utilize.
The company Botse Aviation, has also attained an Operating License which is issued through the Department of Transport and the SACAA.

Simplex Aerospace

Simplex Aerospace Model 244 Spray System for the Robinson R44. The system consists of a belly mounted carbon fiberglass tank, which holds 492 liters/130 gallons of liquid. The forward mounted boom has a width of 10 meters / 33 feet. Other features include a gas driven spray pump and motor, simultaneous use of cargo hook capable, and optional rotary atomizers and flow meter.
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TracMap is a world leader in supplying precision guidance systems for ground applications in the agriculture, horticulture, viticulture and aviation industries.

TracMap is proven to deliver up to 20% efficiency through more accurate product placement.

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